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Are you called as a church planter?  We believe that there are two aspects to answer this question.  First, do you and your wife (if you are married) have an internal conviction that you are called to plant a church?  Second, is this calling affirmed by fruitfulness in ministry and the wider body of Christ?  Our primary objective during the assessment process is to answer these two basic questions.

In assessing a candidate we look at four areas.  Calling.  Does this candidate have an internal calling affirmed by others?  Character.  Does this candidate demonstrate the character qualities and Christian maturity of an elder?  Chemistry.  Does the candidate fit the EFCA family, the temperament of a church planter, and the community he desires to plant in?  Competency.  Does this person have the basic leadership and ministry competencies to plant a church? 

The EFCA Start Churches Great Lakes assessment process has three components. 

  1. Assessment Inventories
  2. In depth conversation with Director of Church Planting Brett Gleason
  3. Assessment Interview

Step One: Assessment Inventories

The assessment inventories below are tools to help you understand yourself better.  Take your time and allow these inventories to speak into your life.  You do not need to complete all of these before interacting with us about church planting.  This is part of a dialogue.  If you are a recent seminary grad you might already have taken some of these inventories.  Feel free to submit the results of those inventories.

Please e-mail the assessment inventories to susan@gld-efca.org.

1.  Keirsey-Temperament Sorter II - Take the inventory.  After completing the inventory you will be given different options to purchase.  Purchase the Career Temperament Sorter II ($19.95).

2.  DiSC Inventory - Purchase the DiSC Classic 2.0 - View Results Instantly ($32.95).

3. APEST ($10 or $25)  Take either the APEST or APEST 360.

4.  Gallup EP10 ($12).  This inventory produces an Entrepreneurial Profile.  

5.  Complete the Church Planter Application.

Please also submit the following items:

  • Resume or Biographical sheet with education and work experience.
  • 2-3 preaching samples (online link, electronic file, or CD/DVD)

Step Two:  Indepth Conversation about Church Planting 

During this conversation we will discuss the results of your inventories, life experiences, vision for church planting, and fit with the EFCA.  You will receive counsel on whether church planting and particular church planting with the EFCA is a good fit for you.

Before scheduling the assessment interview you will be asked to complete and submit the following assessments:

1.  Couple Check Up ($35)

2.  Emotional Intelligence Appraisel - Me Edition ($39.95)

During this process we will be connecting you with potential partner churches.  Before calling for an assessment interview we need for you to communicate that you sense God is calling you to plant  a church and for an EFCA church to call for an assessment interview.  This stays true to both (1) the Biblical principle that calling is both an internal conviction and an affirmation of the wider body of Christ and (2) the EFCA mission of multiplying transformational churches among all people.

Step Three:  Assessment Interview

The assessment interview is a half day behaviorial interview with you and your wife (if married) by a trained assessment team of church planters, pastors and lay people.  They will ask you a series of questions that cover the areas of call, character, chemistry, and ministry competencies.