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Ashwill Profile


Cabot Ashwill

LifeSpring Community Church
Spring Grove, IL

1) Describe your call to plant a church

In 2008, I received a call from Pastor Dan Weyerhaeuser, asking me if I would like to be considered by Lakeland Church for planting a daughter church. Over the course of several months I corresponded with Pastor Dan, my wife and I were assessed by the district and so forth. There were several hurdles that God cleared out of the way including selling our business, and having unity of vision as a family. On a vision trip to consider planting this church, all of us were convinced that God was calling us as a family to plant a church for Lakeland. This is the only time we have ever voted on anything as a family. The first question was whether each of us wanted to move to Illinois to plant a church: 6 no’s. The second vote was whether we believed God was calling us to plant this church: 5 ½ yes. Finally, will we go? Six votes yes. We left our home to plant a church.

 2) How did you develop your formation team?

We recruited our initial group from our mother church, Lakeland. Over several months we met in a home, ate together, sang together and studied Scripture – especially as it related to our core values. Within three months we multiplied our group and began holding monthly services.

We called this initial group our formation team. Our church is now structured into several “LifeGroups” where people continue to share food, music, study of Scripture and do life together throughout the week.

3) What are your church's mission and values?

Mission: Gospel, Gather Go!

We want to share the good news, gathering God’s people and preparing them to share the good news.

Values: Humility, Love, Truth, Hope and Mission

In some ways these seem like “no-brainers.” Every church would say they want these. At LifeSpring we want to pursue these core values because we believe that truth best occurs in an atmosphere of humility and love. The content of love must include the truth. We have hope in Jesus Christ and his mission is our mission.

4) What does community life look like in your church?

Food: we laugh about food being the one unspoken core value at LifeSpring. It is probably true. There is a defensible biblical theology for eating together. We like to spend time in one another’s homes – not just in times of joy, but we also want to be there for one another when things are hard. Sometimes it looks like making meals for someone in need, helping them with their home, or their children. Even set-up on Sundays is a community building event.

5) How can we pray for you?

Pray that we would grow increasingly in Christ and also reach our community for Christ. That we would have a spirit of humility, love, truth, hope and mission.

Contact Cabot:  




PO Box 655, Spring Grove, IL 60081

Worship Address:

2503 Spring Ridge Drive, Unit G, Spring Grove, IL 60081