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Beachy Profile



Church Planting Pastor Don Beachy
Indianapolis, IN

1) Describe your call to plant a church?

I’ve served on the pastoral staff at Faith Church for over 11 years. As we’ve prayed about how to grow our church and maximize our impact in Indianapolis, church planting has consistently emerged as an option we felt called to pursue. I had never viewed myself as a prototypical church planter. But as I learned more about the process and this specific opportunity, I’ve experienced a growing sense of God’s leading to pursue this opportunity. He’s led through prayer, confirmation from others, and a growing internal passion for church planting and the Broad Ripple area.

2) Describe the community where you are planting?

Broad Ripple Village is an artistic and cultural hub in the Indianapolis area with many art galleries, unique restaurants, and live-music venues. It is a very diverse area – racially, religiously, and economically – yet is unusually unified in its self-identity.

3) How are you developing your core group or launch team?

Our launch team is a relatively small team of people from Faith Church who are making the behind-the-scenes preparations for our start. We are just beginning to develop our core team of people from Faith who will form the initial nucleus of Village Life Church. The leadership of Faith Church would like to launch Village Life Church with a strong core of about 30 households.

4) What is the church's vision?

Our Purpose:

To be a worshipping, disciple-making community, passionate about pursuing God, genuinely connecting to each other, and transforming both ourselves and the world around us through the power of Jesus Christ.

Our Priorities:

God-Empowered Growth
  • Through vibrant, powerful teaching of God’s Word,
  • Through holistic, creative and inspired worship which engages the mind, emotions, and body,
  • Through dependent, listening prayer.
Kingdom-Focused Sacrifice
  • By sending valued members from our community to take Jesus’ message around the world,
  • By empowering valued leaders from our community to plant local churches.
  • By encouraging individuals to passionately pursue gospel-driven, compassionate, and sacrificial ministry using their God-given gifts and abilities.
Christ-Centered Community
  • In genuine friendships that emphasize grace, transparency, and authenticity,
  • In discipleship through personal mentoring and practical spiritual training,
  • In mission and purpose, despite diversity in personality, background and gifts,
  • In commitment to authentic community living: utilizing teamwork to accomplish goals.
Cultural Engagement
  • By contextualizing the gospel to the culture, utilizing music and media that attracts our peers,
  • By connecting with our co-workers, neighbors and friends to form genuine life-giving relationships,
  • By communicating the reality of our faith in a logical, sensible manner, and being open to discussion,
  • By shaping culture through excellent and innovative participation in the arts,
  • By valuing fun and humor,
  • By proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel in service to the community.
Purposeful Simplicity
  • With an unrelenting focus on our mission,
  • With a simple, straightforward programming structure that is scalable to growth,
  • With minimalist rules as we trust in sufficiency and simplicity of Scripture.

4) What does community life look like in your church?

We plan to have a strong network of home-based “Life Groups” that will form the backbone of our community life. We want these groups to be based on lasting friendships.

5) How can we pray for you?

Pray that the right people come with us to help us serve and reach Broad Ripple!

Contact Don

Phone Number:  317-514-4594

 E-Mail Address:  info@villagelifechurch.org

 Web Site:  www.villagelifechurch.org

Worship Location

Broad Ripple United Methodist Church

6185 Guilford Ave,

Indianapolis IN 46220