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McFadden Profile



Luke and Meghan McFadden

Christian Neighbors Church
Waukegan, IL


1) Describe your call to plant a church?

My call to become a church planter came after spending a great deal of time on my knees. I had a passion to serve in a setting like Waukegan  We began praying specifically about the possibility of planting in Waukegan after I heard that it could be an option. After many conversations with God, my wife, my mentors, my church planting director (thanks Brett!), and Waukegan residents, it became clear that God was calling me to become a church planter in the Waukegan community. 

2) Describe the community where you are planting?

Waukegan is a multicultural community that is teeming with life. It is located about an hour north of Chicago and is racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse. The population is growing rapidly due to an influx of Latin American immigrants. Over the last several years, Waukegan has shifted from a manufacturing economy to a service based economy as many industries have left its lakefront. This transition has confronted many remarkable residents with challenges.

3) How are you developing your core group or launch team?

We have an intensely relational approach to developing our team. My conviction is that our time together in the Bible and in prayer must remain our top priorities, so we place a great deal of emphasis on weekly prayer and Bible fellowship as we wait expectantly to hold preview services in coming months. Outside of our scheduled events, I meet with launch team members individually to disciple them. During these meetings, God is using many of them to develop me into someone who better understands the people and the city he has called me to.

4) What is the church's vision, mission, and values?

Our vision is simply to plant a healthy multiethnic church for the people living in and around our neighborhood in south Waukegan. At this point, we are waiting to establish a clear mission statement and set of core values until we have a few more households on our launch team.

5) What does community life look like in your church?

Right now, community life on our team includes scheduled events and wonderfully spontaneous fellowship. Last Saturday, our team attended a prayer meeting, ate lunch together, and then went to a flag football game to cheer on one of the children in our ministry. After the game was over, we all decided to play flag football together!

6) How can we pray for you?

Please pray that God would use our community to lead Waukegan residents into a hope-filled relationship with Jesus.

Contact Luke:

Phone Number: 847-714-6488
E-Mail Address: luke_mcfadden8@yahoo.com
The City of Life Project
212 S Martin Luther King Jr. Ave
Waukegan, IL 60085