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OBrien Profile



Jay O'Brien

Scarlet City Church
Columbus, Ohio

1)  Describe your call to plant a church?

God used a past church planting experience, friends, pastors, my wife, and awareness of a need to call me to plant a church. God was preparing me for this calling for years.

2)  How are you developing your core group?

It's all about relationships! When we first started gathering a core we over emphasized the vision and theology of the church. A few of our committed people unknowingly were feeling the same thing. They loved the vision but didn't feel connected to everyone. We decided to develop a more family atmosphere so we started having potlucks and prayer nights. Suddenly, everyone starting bringing friends.

3)  What is the Church's Vision, Mission, and Values?

Scarlet City Church is a people joining God's story of transformation and renewal.

5 Core Elements:

  1. Gospel
  2. Community
  3. Mission
  4. Life-transformation
  5. City Renewal

4)  How can we pray for you?

First, that I can be a good friend and pastor to people hurting in our church. Second, that I would love Megan well and model Christ to her. Finally, that God would give me the courage, boldness, and patience to develop and disciple leaders.

Contact Jay

Phone:  614-517-3995

E-Mail:  jay@scarletcitychurch.org

Web: www.scarletcitychurch.org