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Spencer Profile


David and Dolores Spencer

Church of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

1)  Meet David Spencer

Pastor Spencer, a native of Chicago's Southside, is married to Dolores and has three children, Tenia, David and Terrence. Formerly he has served in the music ministry of the Apostolic Church of God where Bishop Arthur Brazier is pastor, the music and outreach ministries of Oakcliff Bible Fellowship, where Tony Evans is pastor, as intern with Pastor Eddie Lane in Dallas, TX and intern with the single's ministry at Fellowship Bible Church North in Dallas where Gene Getz was pastor.

More recently he served as a full time associate pastor in the Chicago area as pastor of small groups, discipleship, 'The Bridge Builders' and a host of other responsibilities. He has earned degrees in music from Chicago State University and in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

His greatest passion is to see those who do not know Christ to begin a relationship with Him. There is no greater event in a person's life other than coming to Jesus Christ as Savior.

2)  Mission, Vision, Values

The Church of Chicago exist to proclaim the kingdom of God with an anticipation of Christ's soon return

Our vision is to minister with a contemporary and diverse ministry which reflects the scriptural mandate for evangelism that is both biblical and relevant while positively impacting the community with the gospel and love of Christ. Worshipping the Lord is extremely important to us.

Believers will grow as they mature in the faith while assisting newer believers in their walk. The increasing intimacy of the fellowship of Christ followers is a foundational aspect of this ministry. New Christian leaders will emerge and develop to influence our immediate communities and the world community at large.

What's Important to Us

  • Dynamic Worship of God
  • Leading the Unconvinced to Christ
  • Believers who Progress
  • Engaging the Community
  • Establishing Bonds (with ministry and between believers)

Contact David

Phone:  773-672-7230

E-Mail:  connect@churchofchicago.org

Web:  www.churchofchicago.org