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Vaught Profile


Jeremiah and Maysa Vaught

1)  Describe your call to plant a church?

A combination of gifting, desire, and affirmation all inform my call to church plant. Most importantly, however, is that the need is so great in the city of Chicago, but specifically in the Rogers Park neighborhood for more healthy churches. There are three evangelical churches in our neighborhood. So we need another church (that multiplies churches) to reach our neighborhood. I do not see anyone else ready to take this task on and do it well. The need is terribly great in Rogers Park. Secondly I feel gifted to do this. God has gifted me with an evangelistic heart, a dose of evangelistic success, the ability to preach, recruit, disciple, cast vision, lead others, form teams, entrepreneurial skill, etc.

2) Describe the community where you are planting?

Rogers Park is best described by the word diverse. In fact it is one of the most diverse places in the US and even the world.  This diversity is reflected in that there are about 80 languages spoken at home in our neighborhood.” Rogers Park is home to over 60,000 people in just 1.8 square miles. That is almost 35,000 people per square mile. To give an idea of what this means, Chicago, one of the most densely populated cities in our country has an average of 12, 750 people per square mile. Thus we we are nearly three times as dense as the city of Chicago is on average. One has to barely walk down the street before encountering peoples from all different countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin and South America.

Often Christians talk about taking the Gospel to the nations, but in Rogers Park, the nations have come to us.  In Rogers Park you can walk down the street and see a gorgeous lake home and a slum house within seconds of each other. You see people that can afford an upper class city life, and those that live well below the poverty line.  You can walk down the street and meet many people that have had little to no formal education.  Or you can walk to Loyola, home of 16,000 graduate and undergraduate students from across the globe where there is a constant pursuit of more education and degrees.

But what kind of presence does the church have in the midst of all these peoples. Very little. A generous estimate shows that there are 5 English speaking evangelical churches.  Thus Rogers Park is a great place to start a new work that will hopefully begin to start more churches.

3) How are you developing your core group or launch team?

Currently we have been taking our team through a vision formation process, but will begin small groups/teaser services this coming January.

4) How can we pray for you?

As we are a year away from launching the church and we are planting in the city we will need significant funding. Pray that our support raising goes well. Also pray that we will be able to recruit the right people to start the church plant. As in any church plant, also pray for evangelistic success, because we are here because we want to reach the lost. Thanks for looking at our information.

Contact Jeremiah

Phone Number (312) 912-1180

E-Mail Address: jeremiahvaught@gmail.com